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    How can I modify the text embedded in the link buttons at the bottom of excerpts, in the slider, or from the posts shown on the home page. I am guessing that this is defined in one of the PHP files but a quick view of the loop related files doesn’t help.



    Ha, ha – found part of it, but not all.

    The text for the link button in the slider is in /themes/graphene/includes/theme-slider.php in this chunk of code (roughly line 176):

    <?php /* The slider post's excerpt */ ?>
    <div class="slider_post_entry clearfix">
    if ( $graphene_settings['slider_display_style'] != 'full-post' ){
    <?php if ( $graphene_settings['slider_display_style'] == 'thumbnail-excerpt' ) : ?>
    <a class="block-button" href="<?php echo $slider_link_url; ?>"><?php _e( 'More backcountry turns...', 'graphene' ); ?></a>

    I changed the standard text to “More backcountry turns…” to go along with the subject of my website.

    And it appears that the text for buttons that say – ‘Read more’ are to be found in the /theme-panes.php file.

    But I still haven’t found where the text for the button on the posts shown under the slider.

    Furthermore, if I upgrade the Graphene theme, these updates will be written over. So how do I make these changes within the Child Theme?



    Thanks for the tip. I tried that and it worked but not on all the buttons that show up in the theme.

    Here is the relevant code that I modified for the text I want.

    function graphene_filter_gettext( $translated, $original, $domain ) {
    $strings = array(
    'View full post' => 'EarnYourTurns continues',
    'Read the rest of this entry' => 'Keep earning your turns',
    'Continue reading' => 'Keep making backcountry turns',


    The first line of substitute text does show up correctly in the buttons on posts shown in the slider.

    The 2nd line is supposed to swap text in the buttons that appear in the posts that appear under the slider on the home page.

    the 3rd line is supposed to swap text for buttons that appear in post excerpts that appear on archive pages.

    Only the first line of text swapping works.

    One other thing I noticed. The buttons at the bottom of post excerpts, whether in the slider, home page posts, or archive pages are not always there. In other words, they exist for most post excerpts, but not all.

    The site I am testing this on is not my live site, but a test site.

    Test site: http://www.demo.earnyourturns.com

    Live site: http://www.earnyourturns.com

    Thanks for the tip…hopefully you or someone else understands what I’m missing.




    'Read the rest of this entry &raquo;' => 'Keep earning your turns',
    'Continue reading &raquo;' => 'Keep making backcountry turns',



    Thanks. That did it.

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