When is it okay to reply to someone's question?

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    After about my sixth Graphene install I’ve gotten pretty good at some of the basics of where things are and how to use the options. I would imagine that the moderators and Syahir get a little ‘worn-down’ of answering some of these basics when a new person starts using the theme. My question is when is it okay for a non-moderator to jump in with a reply or suggestion? And if I do it, how should I do it so that the thread still gets reviewed by someone with more knowledge (Ken, Josh, Syahir). Would love to help but don’t want to get in the way. Thanks for being there and supporting this great theme.



    Feel free to leave reply and share your knowledge on any of the threads here. This is how a community works.. Each individual is allowed to jump into the discussion as long as he don’t hijack the thread..



    Absolutely. Feel free to jump in at any time. The three of us are on this forum daily; so all threads will still be viewed by us at some point. I know personally, I try to go after the threads which have no responses before checking the ones with multiple responses… just to give you an idea. The more voices, the better!

    Might I suggest setting up a gravatar??

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