When I put page online all Graphene settings gone to default settings!

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    I finally mange to finish site and put it online. When I put page online, all settings gone to default settings. So: pages, posts, pictures, widgets are OK, but everything connected with Grapheen is on default settings, like: colors, backgrounds, header picture, social buttons, header menu (there is only home button and forum button-but forum button is disabled), slider…

    So why this happen?


    Kenneth John Odle


    On your localhost, export the theme settings. On your web version, import the theme settings.

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    OK, I already fill Graphene settings online and everything is OK.

    Is it necessary to import settings every time when I upload the page, why setting changes when doing upload?

    Thx, BR


    Kenneth John Odle


    It depends on what you mean when you say this:

    When I put page online

    I believe that the theme options are saved in the database. (But I could be wrong here.) So if you didn’t upload the database as well, you wouldn’t have the theme options.

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    I make export and import of entire database and then upload entire page. I supose the data for Graphene is in database? I just wont to know what is gone wrong and exclude this issue next time.

    Thx, BR

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