When I move the generated css to the css of my child theme, I lose my custom background color

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    I have a custom pale yellow background colour which I have set in the graphene options. It is shown as follows in the generated css in the advanced tab and in the page source.

    #content,.menu-bottom-shadow,#sidebar_bottom{ background-color:#FFF9C9 }

    I would like to move this generated code to the child stylesheet, so copy the code, tick the checkbox, and paste it in to the child stylesheet.

    When I visit the site again though the background colour has reverted to the default grey.

    I have looked at each of the stylesheets between the child stylesheet and the page source, but cannot see anything that would set the #content back to the grey colour ie I cannot see any code that would override the yellow colour.

    What could be causing this?

    My website is:




    Did you clear the browser cache by pressing Ctrl+F5 after putting the generated CSS to child theme stylesheet? If you are using any caching plugin, flush it’s cache too.



    Wasn’t sure so I just tried it again and made sure that I pressed Ctrl+F5. The background colour still reverts to its default grey.

    I do not use any caching plugin. The plugins that are installed are Akismet; Artiss Youtube Embed; Jetpack though it’s not connected to WordPress.com so most (all) of its features are disabled; My Page Order; Online Backup for WordPress; Role Scoper.



    Apologies if anyone has spent a significant amount of time on this.

    I have worked it out for myself by using the w3 css validator. I had inserted what I thought were single-line comments using // which the validator could not parse. I changed each of these to /* .........*/ comments and the colour returned.

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