What's wrong with all my plugin?

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    Moved to support. That is not a THEME bug.

    That link is only accessible by the site Admins. Can you please give more information about what’s happening?



    Thanks for the fast raspond!

    When i put plugin shortcode to page or post, only plain text of shortcode showed on view page. Like this.



    [easy_calendar resource=”2742″ width=”148″ style=”1″ req=”1″ price=”0″]


    widgets on frontpage dont dislay after I’m put two widget on both side.



    Try putting the short code in HTML editor mode.

    Are you using alternate front page widgets?




    I’m using alternative sidebars, and already I put short code in HTML

    editor mode. Same situation.



    I can see widgets in both sidebars on your homepage. Which widgets are not displaying?

    Try asking the plugin developer for the support. It doesn’t seems to be a theme related issue. What happens if you switch to default twenty eleven theme?




    Here is the initial web page. I’m using two widgets on the right side and one on the lefta side.

    Nothing else of the widgets and plugins can’t show on the fron page.

    On page or post plugins show short code plain text.

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