What should I do first for activation of Graphene Mobile Neo?

  • Kenji


    I just purchased and installed Graphene Mobile Neo, and put the API Key.

    I can operate GM Neo Options from Appearance.

    When The Mobile Smart plugin is activated, not only Smart Phone site but also PC Homepage do not show anything, but white screen.

    I do not understand why PC Homepage does not work if The Mobile Smart plugin is activated.

    Could you tell me what should I do first for starting Graphene Mobile Neo without the influence on PC site.

    Thank you in advance.




    I think that The Mobile Smart plugin should be inactive.

    Is it OK?



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Kenji,

    Are you using any kind of caching plugin on your site? That could be the cause of the issue. The Mobile Smart plugin is required to detect mobile browsers and serve the mobile theme accordingly. Alternatively, you can also use the Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin instead of Mobile Smart, as some users have reported that it is more stable compared to Mobile Smart.

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