What is this social share plugin name?

  • Maciej


    What social share plugin is used on that page ?


    i mean that functions under posts, like fb share, google + 1 etc.

    any thoughts ?



    That is a Blogger blog. You get that social sharing option in template settings (limited to Blogger only).



    Do you know any similar plugin avalaible at WordPress ? I eamn little buttons, and ‘share’ fb button



    How about this?


    You can get the code from https://www.addthis.com/get/sharing



    Again big thanks 🙂



    On more question – lil ot

    about slider

    again from that site : http://www.stack3d.com/

    Is it possible to implement in graphene build-in slider that scheme with posts titles buttons on the bottom of slider? I mean – instead of ‘point crop’ button under slider i would like to see posts titles.


    Syahir Hakim


    If you look at the slider’s code, you’ll see that the post titles are already there in each of the “point”, but they are hidden and replaced with the points. You’ll be able to customise them to how you want it by just using CSS codes.



    yep i know there are post titles after clicking in ‘dot’, but i want the titles instead of dots.

    any tips how to do this ? 🙂

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