What is the trick to get "Author" to show on my pages

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    I have my site set up as a webpage with several pages and no blog. I don’t see any way to get author to show. I see in Graphene options a check box to make it not show but it is unchecked. Anyone know how I can show Author? Maybe with a short code even???

    Thanks, Joe


    Kenneth John Odle


    Pages don’t show authors. That’s the WordPress default.

    You can add the author to pages by using a PHP widget and an action hook widget area. The code you would use is:

    <?php the_author() ?>

    Not tested, your mileage may vary.

    There is also this plugin, which I haven’t tested:




    Give me your advice on this. I am getting errors in Google Webmaster because of missing author see link. Maybe this is something I should ignore?



    This may help you… https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2539557?hl=en

    It has to do with linking your website to your Google+ Account. You need to add “?rel=author” at the end of your link to G+

    EDIT: Note on my website top bar g+ icon has the rel, http://sanuja.com/blog/



    Thanks, I am looking at it and I get it but where am I supposed to place the link in my wordpress?

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