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  • rsaturns


    So I’m sure it’s something I did but what I’m not sure of. Basically it looks like the padding around the sidebar widgets is too small causing the content to collide with the heading.


    Only custom CSS going on is the following which i wouldn’t think would impact the sidebar widgets.

    #graphene-dynamic-widget-graphene_header {
    .header_title {
    top:10px !important;
    left:0px !important;
    .header_desc {
    top:45px !important;
    left:0px !important;



    Kenneth John Odle


    If you remove that custom CSS, does everything render normally?



    I did attempt that and it did not.



    Disable custom widgets if you have any.

    Check if a plugin is causing this by deactivating them all and see if the problem is gone.



    *sigh* W3 Total Cache strikes again! I swear that plugin does more damage then good at times. Oh well moving on, thanks and sorry for not taking care of the simple things.



    Hi all,

    I do not know if should post it here but the title post relates to me so I am here. If advised by the moderator, I will post a new thread as well. Now to the issue I am facing. Homepage looks fine but when I am on a post the side bar goes down the post even though there is enough space at the right side and I have tried adjusting column width from the theme option sliders but no luck. Please see: http://www.viamediahost.com

    Thanks in advance for any input and guide to resolve this issue.

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