What do you think of my site (Graphene) ?

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    Hello !

    What do you think of my site (Graphene) ?


    I’m specialized for construction big scale model plane, racer and warbird.

    Feel free to post comments, I will answer your questions.

    Best regards

    Alain RONK

    Visit my website : http://www.modelisme-racer.fr



    More graphics / images means less page speed or more page loading time.. Overall Page Speed Score of your site is only 61 (out of 100). ( https://developers.google.com/pagespeed/#url=http_3A_2F_2Fwww.modelisme-racer.fr_2F&mobile=false ). So concentrate on speeding up your site..

    Nice site though.. 🙂



    Hello Prasanna !

    Thank you for your visit on my website.

    I changed a few things, and now I have 71.

    It’s good for you ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    I like the dark black/blue color. But I don’t like the popunder ads at all!



    Thank you for replie Kenneth, it’s great !

    But the popunder (advertising, if I understand your text), I am not who writes the advertising !



    I changed a few things, and now I have 71.

    It’s good for you ?

    Everything is okay for me because I’m not the owner of that site! You should be satisfied with your page speed..



    Yeah, it’s definitely too much for me. Popup ads, scrolling ads, fly-by ads… no thanks.

    But, I like Prasanna’s response. It’s your website… and you should be happy with it 🙂

    Here’s one thing… turn off the border around your widgets. It looks good with lighter colored sites, but with darker sites it’s just ugly.

    Add this to your custom css:

    .sidebar div.sidebar-wrap {
    border: none;



    Hello Josh !

    You do’nt like my website ! Sniff, sniff…

    I don’t understand “turn off the border around your widgets” because your code is not okay in my custom css.



    Haha… well, it’s obvious a lot of time and work went into it… but it’s just a little too crazy busy for my taste.

    Each of your widgets has a border around the left and right and bottom edges, and it also has a box shadow.

    Entering the code above will remove the border… which will give you widgets a much more appealing visual effect.



    Hello Josh !

    I don’t understand your comment.

    Excuse me, but it’s not easy for me in english…

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