What child theme elements might break homepage panes?

  • jmek66


    I am unable to get homepage panes to show up on my site (litquake.org/sandbox/2012) in a child theme of Graphene 1.6.2. The panes show up beautifully if I switch to the parent Graphene theme, but show nothing at all with the child theme. Parent and child have all the same graphene option settings, options, widgets, and plugins; the only thing in my custom functions.php is to set the width of the header.

    Which seems to leave the child theme’s .css as the culprit. My custom .css does not have any elements starting with home_page. What other css settings might keep the child theme from showing? BTW, View Source for the child theme does not show any homepage-related elements with a “hidden” setting.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated


    Kenneth John Odle


    The buttons on your slider have also disappeared!

    As I view your site now, I don’t see any homepage pages. I don’t see anything in your style sheet that should interfere.

    You have a number of other files in your child theme folder. One of those is probably the cause.

    You should not have a plugins folder in your child theme folder, BTW.



    I think the plugin folder under the themes folder was an artifact of the backup-and-migrate program I used.

    Thanks to your clues, I discovered the problem in a faulty footer.php file.

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