weird underlines appeared

  • bsacue



    The site is fine but when you go to this page everything is now underlined how can i fix this please

    thank you


    Syahir Hakim


    It looks like you’ve copied the contents directly from Microsoft Word into the WordPress editor. A lot of additional junk is pasted as well when you do it that way. Always use the editor’s “Insert text from Word” button to do this (it has the MS Word icon).



    yes Syahir you are correct thats what i did i didnt notice the MW icon, now that i know its there i copied the content from that game and created a new page and used the MW button and paste the content in there i inserted this but it wasn’t right no visable page but loads of text and code

    Am i doing something wrong please ?



    Ok solved this, was doing it wrong all is good now thanks

    started again making a new page and it worked so above link is dead now

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