Weird problem with the CSS.

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    Hi, first of all, wanna thank you for this great theme, and especially for your spent time here on this forum helping others.

    I’ve played with the theme for the past couple of weeks, modifying stuff, I’ve been able to change some things without any problems until i came across this problem… I changed the default font on the theme, and I’ve done that using the “body” selector. It worked great. Until i noticed that the font on the widgets, footer and comments is (somehow) bold everywhere, EXCEPT on the home page and the other pages(about, contact). On single posts, the content is ok, but everything around is bold.

    In the categories or archives, only the first post looks ok, others are bold, as is everything around, including widgets, footer, comments.

    I’m using a child theme, the original(default) style.css is intact.

    Here is the style.css from my child theme:

    I’ve started by deleting parts to figure out what’s the problem, i even deleted everything in it, and used the default style.css, but nothing changed…

    Here is the blog Lifestyleupdated.

    I’m using the SuperCache plugin if it could make some problem, but i doubt it, and i haven’t install or update any plugin recently.

    Any help is appreciated.




    Put your code between backticks. Not in <code> tag.

    Use to share codes. Don’t code dump here.



    Done. Edited. Sorry. 🙂



    Try removing this from child theme style sheet and change body font properties in Graphene Options –> Display –> Text Style Options –> Content Text.

    body {

    /* fontot go kopirav od Darren */

    color: #333333 !important;
    font-family:Arial,Tahoma,Verdana !important;
    font-size:14px !important;
    line-height:24px !important;



    It didn’t make any difference. Except that the text in the slider is in different font now.

    Other than that, the text on the pages(including the home page) stays normal, while in categories, tags, footer, comments and widgets it’s still larger/bolder. :/

    And what really bums me out, is that the first posts in categories and tags are normal, while the others bellow are bolder.



    Probably a closing </strong> tag is missing in one of your posts or widgets. Try temporarily removing all of your sidebar widgets. And, check all posts for a missing </strong> tag.




    The text above the sharing buttons do not had a closing tag.

    Tnx for your effort Prasanna!

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