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    Hey Guys,

    I have a weird issue, and can’t seem to figure out the problem. Perhaps you guys can help.

    On this site:

    1. The very first post excerpt is not linking to it’s respective full-page post.

    2. If you click on any of the “Leave Comment” buttons from the front page, it just redirects back to the front page.

    3. If you hover over “Leave Comment” (from the front page), the link for all of them is as follows:

    I have tried deactivating all plugins, reverting to a default .htaccess file, and resaved permalinks.

    Switching to one of the default WP themes, resolves the issue.




    Just noticed that the first post in any archive page links to the current archive page itself. Example –

    Change permalink structure to Default or Post Name and check if it resolves the issue.



    Sorry Prasanna, I’ve been over-whelmed lately.

    Ahh… I didn’t notice that. Thank you.

    Yes; already tried adjusting the permalinks. Also went with a default WP .htaccess file to see if that helped. Nothing.

    You’ve given me a new clue, however. I’ll have to double-check the plugins. I wonder why deactivating plugins the first time didn’t fix the issue, tho…



    Well… just updated the theme and all is well.

    How long has 1.9.2 been released?


    How long has 1.9.2 been released?

    13th this month.



    Gotcha. Man, I have been busy!

    Thanks, my friend 🙂

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