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    I am looking for a genius here in the graphene forum 😀

    I have found this cool setting in graphene general options, called: website window, I think it’s called in English. This option effects the Front Page.

    However, the option Last post by category does not work correctly. It shows 15 posts even if I only write four in the options box.

    1. Why does it not only display four posts?

    2 Posts appear in a mix on either side, it cannot be adjusted?

    3 I have chosen two categories; is it not possible to make two rows showing each category?

    4 I would like to have a header for each category.

    5 Can the above be done, or must I install a plugin?

    I have now activated Latest posts (4) but it does not look pretty.

    I hope that someone can help, as it will make the front page more user-friendly



    Hi 🙂

    I have solved the other problems, but I cannot get home page pane to work.

    It is a mix of left and right adjustment

    My settings are: Static front with 4 posts

    I want a static front therefore I choose not “your latest posts”.

    I want text and images in posts to look like “your latest posts”

    Or in two rows with different category’s.

    Anyone knows how to do?



    OK, at last I found out that the homepage pane does not work in the three columns setting. Is this something, which can be fixed, with a code in the child theme or an update of the theme in the future?

    In the meantime, I will use a plugin to this feature.



    At last I got it.

    .homepage-pane {margin-left: 0;}
    .three-columns .homepage_pane {
    width: xxxpx !important;

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