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    Hi all, my URL is and all I was doing was editing a post, and clicked to refresh the page and this happened. As you can see, the slider has gone, menue is all blacked out and all my ads have gone. Please help as I have no clue why this has happened 🙁




    Your slider is working fine for me. Your ads are appearing, however they are much to wide for the page content.

    Did you get some of this worked out?



    Everything is looking fine now..

    Small tip: Use 468 x 60 or 336 x 280 banner ad for content. Never put ads which are wider than 590px.. It looks weird..



    Yes I needed an update and thank you for the ad tips guys!



    Since I updated the theme, I have two large rectangle shaped white empty boxes. what are these, as they were not there before? Also to hide an ad how lond does it take to take effect on the site?



    If you’ve changed the AdSense unit, paste the new code in Graphene options. If you already did it, be patient. New ads takes some time to be displayed in site.

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