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    Hi, I am using the grpahene theme and so far so good. My website is in English but I want to do it in Spanish as well. Is there a way to add a button that says “For Spanish Version Click Here” and transfer to the same website but in Spanish? I can do the translations I just need the link…I am not very good at computer skills, so if anyone can help me or point me to someone who can help I would really appreciate it.

    My website is

    Thanks a lot.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support. Please be sure to post in the correct section.

    I would just create two separate posts, one Spanish, one English. Then edit each one to add a link to the other. You can use the html editor to enclose each link in a <div> with button styling. You can copy the default button style that Graphene uses, if you like, like this:

    <div class="block-button">link stuff goes here</div>

    This has also been discussed previously in this thread:

    I’m not sure that we came up with anything really useful, but click on Tomy1734’s site to see how he arranged things. You might prefer that method. But I rather like the idea of a button.

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