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  • geeperrs


    can someone please help me as I am not sure what happened but the only thing you can see on my website is the Header, everything has been covered by black.

    Prasanna SP


    I can see the contents of your site. But it is not using Graphene theme.



    Had to change theme as was losing money have changed it back again now if you could please take another look I would apprciate it.

    Prasanna SP


    Yes, it is having black content in body. Do you have any buggy “span” tag in one of your posts?



    Sorry only new to this could you please explain for me

    Prasanna SP


    Try removing all sidebars. I think one of it is causing this issue.



    posts have not been altered for weeks and this just happen last night



    ok will try that now

    Prasanna SP


    You’re supposed to get this –




    have removed sidebar but am just trying to refresh page now

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