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    I am wondering if there is a way to make one of the home page panes a different from the rest.

    On the homepage of my site the pane to the left will only contain a small image and a headline. I would like for this pane to be less wide than the others which will contain a fairly large amount of text.

    Is there a way to make only the left pane smaller and keep the middle and right pane equal size.

    Thanks so much!





    Hmmm… looking at the css, it doesn’t look like there is a unique ID for each homepage “pane”. I’ll have to look further into the code to see how they are generated.



    Yeah. I’ve been playing with it a bit trying to assign a class to each excerpt in the html for each post by just using “<div class=…” and then wrapping the whole excerpt in that div in each post. I set it to allow <div> tags in excerpts and have then been trying to add the style for each new class in the “add custom css” box.

    So far I haven’t managed to get it working this way though. The php is over my head so I was trying to find a solution without getting into that. I’m not sure if what I’m doing will even work but I thought it was worth a shot.



    hmm… that approach doesn’t seem to be working out. looks like php might be required here.



    yeah. i’m totally stumped. would def appreciate any thoughts on this one. this whole learning php thing is tricky.

    thanks a ton!



    Hmmm… I guess the question comes down to is there a way to assign a unique ID to each homepage pane.

    This is a question for Syahir. Let’s be patient 🙂


    Syahir Hakim


    Unique ID for every homepage pane will be added in Graphene 1.6. Thanks for bringing this issue out.

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