Want to add a google custom search engine at the navigation bar.

  • vaeryl


    Hi friends!

    How can I add a Google custom search engine to replace the original search box from graphene, at the navigation bar?

    I dont need to replace it, I can disable it via options and then insert the google cse in that place via widgets or whatever. (just want to do the easiest way lol).

    Thank you!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yes, the easiest way is to disable the theme’s built in search box, and then add the Google one via an action hook widget area.



    Ok, but I didnt find the action hook to put it there. Can you tell me the name of this action hook?


    Kenneth John Odle


    header.php >> graphene_top_bar

    By default, it will appear toward the left; you’ll need to add float:right to that widget’s css to get it to the right.



    Its not the top bar. Top_bar is where the RSS and social media buttons are located.



    YES! Im done, and so proud of myself! 😀

    I could put the Google CSE replacing the original search bar, and better, I used the pretty submit button from the graphene theme, replacing the ugly “search” button from Google CSE 😀

    I simply changed the code on searchform.php, adding my Google CSE generated code, and then erasing the “input type submit”, replacing for “button type submit”! 😀

    If anyone wants to do that, I can help.

    Thanks for everything!




    Keep in mind that editing theme files is not a good idea. Any changes you made will be overridden when the theme gets an update next time. So consider using a child theme.

    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.



    Try this, but I explain this using a child theme…

    Hope it helps.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Sorry, I didn’t notice that you said navigation bar. I believe there are action hook widget areas there as well. You do not want to edit theme files, as Prasanna said.



    @vaeryl, could you be so kind and paste the code for what you had done here? I try to the same thing myself, but calling what have I done “an fail” would be an exaggeration. And would insult other failures in the world.

    Can you submit the code here, pretty please?

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