Want header image and top bar transparent

  • ice48623


    I want to have a transparent in header image and top bar.


    Kenneth John Odle


    A transparent what? Do you mean that you want the background to show through? You can achieve that on the top bar with

    `#top-bar {background:none;}’



    How about the header bar? I want it to be transparent so I can see the background.



    Do you mean your image in the header?

    You would need to set the transparency of your image in Photoshop (or it’s equivalent) and save the image as a .png file. Then, use that .png image in your header.



    I’ll try that, Thanks.



    Now I got it, but the problem is it have a white line between top bar and header bar. How to delete it.



    Add this to your css:

    #top-bar {border-bottom: none;}
    #header {border-top: none;}



    I add you code to custom css, but nothing is change.



    Your #top-bar still has it’s border-bottom. Make sure you added both of the properties above.



    Now I got it, Thanks.

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