W3 Total Cache/Graphene Slider Conflict

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    Just thought I would save somebody some frustration, and post here that I have found the W3 Total Cache plugin conflicts with the Graphene slider option. With this plugin installed you will see the first page or post displayed in the slider, but it will not advance. Once I deactivated the plugin all was right with the world.

    Hope that helps someone down the road!


    Syahir Hakim


    You must be using the minify option in W3TC. This is typical with any minification solution, which combines scripts into a single file and then minify it. When the scripts are combined, the order of the scripts may have changed, causing script errors.

    If you’re going to use that feature, you’ll need to learn how to:

    1. Find which specific script that’s not included in order

    2. Exclude that script from the list of minified script




    That makes perfect sense. I am in learning mode, but figured I would share little things I have run into, and how those things were resolved for the benefit of fellow rookies. Thank you for your time, and expert direction.

    Daniel Edward

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