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  • gloriamy


    I just upgraded to WP 4.1.1 at the same time I upgraded my Graphene template to the latest version and now my visual editor isn’t working. Sometimes I can type or paste in text but it shows up vertically instead of horizontally, 1 character wide. It looks fine in text editor and when I preview it but not in the visual editor. I don’t know if the problem is with WP 4.1.1 or with the template upgrade. I know I should have upgraded one thing at a time…next time. I have also posted on the WP forum but no solutions yet.

    I’ve taken a screen shot but don’t know how to paste it here.

    I’ve disabled the TinyMCE Advanced plugin which I have been using with earlier versions of WP, and also disabled the newly added plugin WordPress SEO. I’ve also tried to change themes and then change back to the Graphene theme I’ve been using and I have the same problem so it’s probably not due to Graphene but I thought I should check.

    My site seem to look normal and I haven’t encountered any other problems so far.

    Thanks for any help you can give. In the meantime, I can’t write or edit at all!


    Kenneth John Odle


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    Definitely seems to be a problem with Graphene not working with WP 4.1.1. We reverted to the previous version of Graphene and the visual editor problem went away, however now all posts show on website without text wrapping around photos. Decided to revert to the backup I made just before all the updates. Fingers crossed.


    Syahir Hakim


    This has been addressed quite a number of times in this forum. Just go to Graphene Options > Display > Miscellaneous Display Options, and tick the “Disable custom editor styles” option.



    Thank you!




    This did solve the problem with the text wrapping, however by disabling the custom editor styles, all those posts where I have used the “Important” or “Notice” blocks are not showing correctly. Is there a fix for this?

    Thank you.


    Kenneth John Odle


    They will still appear correctly on your blog (your user’s experience), you just won’t see them displayed WYSIWYG style in your editor.



    Thanks Kenneth but I noticed the problem because they DON’T show up correctly on the blog. I’ve used the custom styles on hundreds of posts and when I checked several of them online the formatting was stripped out but the code appeared as <important> </important> before and after the post.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Can you provide a link to a post where this is occurring?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Also, did you install the Graphene shortcodes plugin as the theme should have indicated after you upgraded?

    If you haven’t installed the plugin, that is probably the cause of the issue.

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