visual editor disappeared – how to fix?

  • livingdonor101


    Like a couple of other posts, my visual editor disappeared after the update to WP 3.7 (whatever). None of the subsequent WP updates have fixed the problem. I saw another poster resolved the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling graphene, but I’m concerned that will wipe out any customizations or otherwise. I’d appreciate any guidance on the matter


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try disabling your plugins to rule out a plugin compatibility issue.



    I did a clean install of WP on the same server but under a different url and the visual editor is absent there too.



    I deactivated all the plugins but still had no visual editor. So I tried an experiment whereby I used Firefox rather than Chrome. On Firefox, I have a visual editor. However, even after clearing my Chrome cache, I *still* have no visual editor.

    I updated and re-activated each plug-in individually (in Firefox) and had no problem. I have no idea what’s going on with Chrome. I’ll investigate that further.

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