Visual and text editor showing text on background ! Text not continuing on the bottom of posts and

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    Something happened on my website where now when I go to type something in the visual or text editor on a post or page and it keeps on going towards the right it no longer automatically moves to the bottom , the text just continues to the right and starts appearing on the background!

    Please help I cant add any new text now to my website it does not stay on the page!

    Basically- My text is off screen and does not wrap when I type?

    I think This all started when I added the TinyMCE and then deleted it like 5 minutes after adding it because I did not want it



    What can I add to css or my functions php to get the text to wrap again in my text and visual editor?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try disabling plugins to rule out a plugin conflict of some sort.



    I did the only plugins I have added recently have been “Youtube with Fancy Zoom”, “Simple breaks” and TinyMCE . I have disabled the first two and completely removed TinyMCE. None of them appear to be the problem. I noticed this problem when I removed TinyMCE, although I am not 100 percent sure.

    Please there has to be something I can add to fix this. It appears this problem is on random posts and random pages while on some random posts and random pages the problem does not appear.



    Here are some pictures :

    In this page for example everything works fine and the text auto wraps


    In this picture for example you can see the problem even the editor looks wider then its supposed to:



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