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    I think that my website has gotten a virus. Is it something you can help me with ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    What symptoms are you seeing or experiencing that might point to a virus?



    All my pages are gone and there has been a text instead of, I do not know if it’s a virius or if it has been hacked.



    I don’t think so. Your site shows up just fine here. Sucuri also says your site is clean –



    Maybe I can get one of you to look on my blog, you can see the text / codes I’m talking about on the frontpage. If you can help me get it working again, I’m willing to pay for it.



    As far as I can see it is in the pictures that there is something wrong in my admin system. but I do not know what.



    Are you comfortable with database editing? It is caused by wrong upload path in wp_options table.



    No, I know nothing about it



    Okay, try this.

    Go to and put wp-content/uploads in upload_path field and save changes.



    Now it works, thank you:o)

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