violation of accessibility standards as regards link styling

  • Chlorine


    With your default styling, “a” elements are not underlined and are just a slightly different color than the normal text (rgb(120, 61, 152) vs rgb(74, 71, 75)).

    This is non-compliant with accessibility guidelines which require that links be underlined by preference, and if not, then at a minimum “have a 3:1 contrast ratio from the surrounding non-link text.” and “The link must present a ‘non-color designator’ (typically the introduction of the underline) on both mouse hover and keyboard focus.” Source:

    The contrast ratio is 1.27:1 — far less than the requirement — and even though I have normal vision, I have trouble spotting links on the page, and there is a slight color change on hover, but no “non-color designator.”

    Your free version, which is what I have, has no option to adjust these, except by writing one’s own CSS rules, which not every website owner has the skills to do.

    I believe your theme should be accessibility-compliant out of the box. Please correct this.

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