Video Tutorial for creating a Child Theme

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    Syahir, Ken… I really hope you don’t mind me posting these. I’m having a lot of fun with this forum, and it’s teaching me about wordpress and graphene.

    So, for those having trouble creating a child theme. Give this a try!



    It’s not the first time that i try to create a child theme. I follow exactly your video and the final product is always the same.



    I’m not sure what you have going on there. My advice would be to remove wordpress from your server, and do a fresh install. Then install the Graphene 1.5.2, and then create a child theme.

    If you have any troubles along the way, just post back here and I’ll be happy to try and assist.



    I just did a fresh install and i have the same problem.



    I’m not too sure how to help without seeing what issues you are encountering. If you want to provide me with a temporary ftp access and admin panel access, I will set it up for you. You can send details through my contact form Here.

    But it’s important you also know HOW to use these files.

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