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    Often times when I post a video I like to include one to two sentences as a lead in about the video. I currently like the way the Video Post format displays the video on the blog home page, but would love it if it could also display some text that was entered into the excerpt area of the post. Maybe you could add a new post type that is Video with Text Excerpt? Thanks!



    I don’t think you are using the graphene theme there on your website?? Are you speaking about another website?




    You are correct, my live site is not using Graphene. I should have mentioned that I’m currently doing a complete rework, and I’m using Graphene for that on a subdomain. It’s on lockdown so the public can’t view it, but I’ve unlocked it so you can take a look. The domain is




    Aw Yes, that looks much more familiar. I love your header… and I would certainly listen. As a matter of fact, I am often curious what goes on in their heads.

    So, explain what it is you are wanting to do. Do you mean when you create a post, with a video attached, and then it being displayed on the main blog page?

    You can always create a custom excerpt, which will replace the default excerpt being shown on the home page.



    Thanks! If you look on the home page at the post titled “Happy Thanksgiving”, you’ll see I have it as a video format post. Right now I have 2 sentences at the beginning of the post with the Youtube embede code after that. All of this is currently typed inside the description area. On the home page though (and even the single post page) you only see the video. You can kind of see the copy, but it’s somewhat hidden. I’ve tried moving the copy part into the excerpt area, but that doesn’t seem to change anything. I also thought maybe it was just an issue with IE, but I’ve looked at it in Chrome and Firefox, and those are doing the same thing. I guess what I would like to see is to have a Video Format option that will also display an excerpt.

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