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    Hello everyone, i’m new to this stuff so if you can be a little patient the would be great.

    I have video embedded into some of my posts which over the web on PC work fine but when viewing the site on an ipad or iphone the video is not displayed in the post at all let alone playable.

    Can anyone tell me what i’m doing wrong please.

    I have found another Graphene site with video embedded and they display and play perfectly on both iphone and ipad.

    In Anticipation of any help forthcoming, thanks in advance.





    Hi Luko, thanks very much it now plays on iphone device so assume the same will be for ipad.

    At the end of the video the relative videos appear, i have the box unchecked in youtube and so the code was displaying correctly before on PC (no relative video at end of play) is there a way of getting all devices to display including PC with out the relative at the finish.

    thanks a stack.



    Hi again Luko, i can see from the embedment code itself that ?rel=0 gets rid of the suggested video at the end but cant seem to work this with the suggestion you made. Any other thoughts would again be appreciated.



    Hi Luko, all done now i think, persistence pays. Thanks for your help..



    Don’t embed the video. Just paste the video URL in the post. WordPress will take care of the rest things..



    Thx Prasanna, will give that a crack also.




    I agree, but you have more control with embededd code, like relative videos, display size etc.


    I’m glad you handle it 🙂

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