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    Hi everyone.

    On mobile devices, my header menu items are displaying horizontally, as they would on a desktop.

    However, it doesn’t look good that way; it would look better if they were vertical, like on the graphene forums page.

    (Vertical on Graphene Site)

    I looked through the settings, hoping to find a control for this, but I don’t think there is one.

    Is there a CSS fix for this?



    The imgur link in your post isn’t working



    Sorry about that. Please re-try. Thanks!



    Hm, shouldn’t it be vertical in mobile by default? If you look at the Graphene theme demo on mobile, the menu is vertical as well. Could it be that you have made changes to it?



    You were right. This was happening because I was floating my header menu right, which looked good on desktop, but was messing things up for mobile.

    Do you happen to know of a safe way to float the menu right for desktop only?



    Does this work for you?

    #header-menu {
    float: right



    It does.

    My big problem was that I was trying to float one menu item (Logo) left, and the others to the right. It seemed pretty challenging for me, so I decided to just use the header menu for mobile, and the secondary menu for desktop. (Easier)



    If you change the orientation of the phone to horizontal, the floating with horizontal scroll, however the header occasionally gets stuck

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