Version 1.8.2 – option item does not work

  • Amos Redlich


    After installing 1.8.2 the option screen does not show up.

    I tried with Chrome as well as Firefox.

    I also tried to shut down all plugins


    Please advice

    Amos Redlich



    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Which option screen? There are many.

    Amos Redlich


    I meant “Graphene options”

    when I click on the “Graphene options” on the side menu, the system is not responding (on the URL “” )

    see an image here: Capture.png




    What happens if you right click and open options page in a new window?

    Amos Redlich


    When I right click the “Graphene Option”, no matter what I chose, I get the same results.

    See below…




    Temporarily disable all plugins and open Options page. If it doesn’t work, try reinstalling the theme.

    Amos Redlich


    Well, disabling the plugins doesn’t resolve the problem.

    Please advice how to reinstall the theme.

    The installer says that this themes is already install (see below)





    Open graphene/readme.txt and change version number to 1.8.1. Wait for a minute and go to WordPress update page. You’ll see an update for Graphene Theme 1.8.2. Hit update.



    Oops! Change version number in style.css. readme.txt is for plugins!

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