Version 1.6 – Changed Nav Bar colors but the changes wasn't complete

  • mirna2010


    After looking around the forum about my question, I decided to post.

    Here is the link:

    I have customized most of the thing but when I changed the color of the nav bar, the gray area appeared on both ends.

    I read something about images/sprite_h.png on this post, but images are unavailable and i can’t see if it’s the same problem.

    Please advise if I have to change the css or create an image!

    Thank you and I love the theme. I also have this with this theme and it’s with the older graphene version but I didn’t have that problem.

    I appreciate your tiem!



    I found the solution as soon as I posted the question: The css code was wrong.

    Here is the correct if this happens to you:

    #header-menu, #header-menu-wrap {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #2E76B7;



    Please paste your code between backtics. It is located above the Tab key in a standard keyboard.

    (Updated previous comment)

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