Vers. 1.8 – Pictures in posts do not appear in category-archive but do in post-edit

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    since the update to 1.8 following happened:

    Pictures inserted via the post-editor are displayed:

    1. In the post editor properly

    2. In the post preview properly

    3. In the post itself, if its displayed single > properly

    i.e. klick here


    The pictures will not be displayed on the website in the category archive (as they did before the update to 1.8):

    i.e. Klick here

    Thanks for help!



    They appear to display fine to me…




    Hi Josh,

    yes your right, now they do! Obviously over night, because yesterday they didn´t…

    So, it´s difficult to find out, whether it is a cache or browser problem/effect…

    Well, so far everthing is almost normal again… ;-))



    My guess would be the cache. You can usually press (CTRL + F5) to do a “hard” refresh on your browser.

    Glad you got it working!!

    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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