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    Although I’m familiar with the most basic html coding, I am a total novice to using themes. Someone else set up my web site/blog and it has been working beautifully for the last year.

    Recently, I added a blog post to my Home Page–

    (–and ever since, I’ve had some problems with that page’s appearance and function. I used the visual editor only (as far as I can recall). Nothing really unusual happened, although I did have a bit of trouble with the placement of images. As I tried to move them around, they would disappear, presumably because I was moving them too far left or right.

    The problems I see are:

    • The right column will not display on the right. Instead it appears under the first column’s content.
    • The slider image does not display. I think this is relatively new. I don’t recall this issue coming into play at the same time that I noticed the column issue above.
    • The page content takes so long to load that it appears for a while that there is no blog post – just the caption that gets pulled up under the slider image.

  • In addition, the Appearances Page took so long to load today that it appeared broken.
  • Right now I am using Firefox to view the pages, but I first noticed the problems while I was using IE (I think 8 or 9).

    I have tried looking for clues and helping myself by reviewing all of the options menus I can find when I’m in the admin mode, and reviewing the comments in the Support Forum, but, I don’t see any clear solutions.

    Thank you for any help you can provide!




In case it matters, my site is using Graphene version 1.6.2.



Syahir Hakim


Your post titled “Hands Down – It’s Time to Catch Up” has an extraneous closing </div>, which is causing the issue. Find and remove that and the problem should be resolved.



Thank you for your quick response, Syahir!

The column problem is fixed! FYI, I did not find the extra </div> code that you suggested I look for. In fact, after copying and pasting the text code into my text editor and running a search for that code (as well as variation, such as /div, div, etc.) the editor reported not finding any instances of that text. My own visual inspection also failed to turn up any such code.

But working in this way gave me an idea. I copied all of the post into a Word document, deleted the troublesome post, and reposted (now it’s under today’s date). Remembering your beginner’s tip – make only one change at a time – I slowly re-entered the text, a paragraph or a heading at a time, previewing and checking each link as I went. Then I added images. This time, the images behaved when I entered them in the post, by the way.

So – I only have one more issue left to resolve! The slider image is not showing for this post, although it now appears for the others. I’ll try to review the documentation on that, and will post if i solve the issue on my own, but if there’s any light you or others can shed on this in the meantime, that would be great.

Thanks, again.



Theres an issue with slider images and posts shown in other threads. I havent quite got to the bottom of it but it seems you need to upload the picture rather than attach it for it to work.

What settings do you have in the slider for images?

I have some examples of it not working on my site too, I need to look into


Syahir Hakim


This page in the theme’s documentation might be helpful to you:

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