Using the Export/Import Theme Options

  • ABCDiamond


    I just created a new site, and thought that exporting the theme options, from one site layout that I like, and importing them into the new site would give me the same look.

    Unfortunately, the import process gave this result:

    Import Graphene Theme Options

    Sorry, there has been an error.

    The uploaded file does not contain valid Graphene options.

    The graphene_options.txt file is 18kb in size

    The first few lines of the export file has this content:


    with a load more inbetween and it ends with these lines:


    I have exported the file twice from the old site, and imported twice, but no difference.

    Both sites are using WP 3.6

    Any idea what may be wrong ?



    Syahir Hakim


    This is a known issue, with the fix to be included in the next update. See this post for a quick fix:

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