Using one Lightbox thumbnail to open several larger images

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    I’ve recently activated Lightbox, so that I can set up a new page to sell some

    items on

    It all seems very straightforward, and I’ve tested a new page etc. Only thing is,

    I’d like to just have one thumbnail image, which, when clicked on, opens

    several larger images in the expanded size.

    So far it works fine if you show all the relevant thumbnails too, but I only want

    to show one, to save space in the listings.

    I did find a page on the web about how to do it, and the html looked simple,

    but it involved adding extra ‘JS’ code in somewhere, which is beyond me

    I’m afraid.

    Could somehow please tell me where to add the JS code to make the

    process below work, or perhaps tell me another way to do it?

    The page I found is here:

    Thanks very much!



    Syahir Hakim


    You can try using the Graphene Options > Advanced > Custom <head> tags option to insert the JS code within the site’s <head> element.



    Ah, will do, thanks Syahir.

    Marked as resolved.



    Didn’t work I’m afraid. I can see the code at the top of the actual page as well. Something wrong here.


    Syahir Hakim


    If it’s a JS code it has to be wrapped inside the <script> tag, like so:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    /* JS code here */



    Thanks Syahir.

    I gave up in the end, and just went with three small thumbnails, which open to their

    larger brothers when you click on either one.

    In a way, it’s better to show all three thumbnails, but no doubt there will be other pages

    where I try out the single thumbnail/JS thing.

    Thanks for all your help again. Well done on such a brilliant theme and I hope 2013

    brings you more recognition for all your hard work.

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