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  • akerblom


    Hi, Thanks for excellent theme!!

    I am trying some ways to have a multilanguage function on my website. I want to have pictures of flags in the main menu which translates the complete site in on click.

    It seems like the plugin Xili language may be the answer to my problem, or do you have another suggestion?

    Anyhow I seem to not be able to install it properly and get it to work on my site (, could you help me out by any chance? I would be incredibly grateful!!




    Kenneth John Odle


    I’ve never heard of Xili.

    I use GTranslate:

    It seems to work fairly well and to do all the things you are asking. You’ll have to play around with the configuration options.



    Thank you very much for the quick response!

    But is it possible to place the scroll down on the right side of the main menu? This instead of placing it as a widget on the right hand side frame.

    To make it perfect I would like to have flags instead of a scroll menu. To me it seems like translators e.g. gtrans near nabour GTranslate with flags make the page look very much different and not very nice. This seem to be the case with most translate tools. Do you experience the same problem? Any suggestion for this problem?

    Best regards,




    Thank you very much for quick response!

    I have found the tool I needed. It’s called Transposh. Really simple and well made.

    The problem is that I still want to place the flags on the the right side of the main menu. I would be very grateful if you would like to show the way!

    Best regards,


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