Using images in Slider from an Unpublished Post

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    Okay, I would like to add an image, with text caption, to the slider. So, I do my normal steps of creating a post, and using the custom url for the post/specific slider option.

    Here’s my problem. I DO NOT want the post to be visible anywhere on the site. I would like it to be “unpublished” if you will.

    But, if I leave it unpublished, the slider will not show the image.

    Basically, I just want to add a new slide to the slider with an image and caption, without seeing it anywhere else on the site.




    Nevermind. I figured out a workaround.

    Thanks 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle


    and it is….?



    Sorry. Well, I add slideshows to pages of my daughter using “WP Photo Album Plus” (which I LOVE).

    In order for my viewers to know about new slideshows, I create a post linking to the page with the slideshow (using the “Page Links To” plugin).

    I wanted to include a random image (because I had two from the last photo set I really liked and couldn’t decide which one to use), but I decided to just use one for the post, and one for the page, and include them both into the slider.

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