Using Graphene Theme on a blog?

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    Hi, as you may notice I am a beginner 😛 I downloaded wordpress on my computer, worked offline and loved working with Graphene Theme, I made some tests on my blog and when I felt comfortable with it, I went to and create my blog online, but… Graphene Theme didn´t appear as an option in the Themes settings!!! I used the search engine and didn´t appear, when I go to the Theme´s website, both in wordpress and its own, it shows the same download option I used before but I can´t find a way to use it in my brand new blog, I tried exporting the blog I made offline, but it export everything but the Theme. What is the option here? Upgrading in wordpress? can you help me? Regards.

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    Kenneth John Odle


    Alas, there is a huge difference between and As you have discovered, one of the primary ones being that you can’t upload a theme at—you are pretty much stuck with what they give you.

    Here is a summary of the key differences:


    #29234 is a community and is a business. You are pretty much limited with You’ll not have database access, they don’t allow you install custom themes and plugins. You can’t even access your site’s files via FTP. You can buy CSS upgrade for 40USD/year. But it is just a waste of money. With the same amount you can get unlimited hosting from any other company, probably with a free domain too.



    Thank you very much!! Now I understand, the best option for me is hire a hosting company 😀 Regards.

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