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    Hey guys, I tried to set up cufon to get custom fonts with the theme but I seem to be having issues with it working properly. I set everything up correctly and have watched a few videos and it appears that everything should be working smoothly. But when I save all of my changes nothing in the fonts changes. Is this an issue with the plugin being compatible with the graphene theme? Or do I have to put the code in somewhere else?

    Any help would be appreciated!



    What is the plugin you are using?



    I’m using the WP-Cufón plugin.

    I know I’m using it correctly as I’ve added the new font file to my ftp and placed the custom font under the proper format into it. I’ve also followed the rest of the instructions as told my a few different sources that ive looked at. Do I have to edit the actual code as well?

    I thought the purpose was for the plugin to avoid that?


    Syahir Hakim


    Have you tried asking from the WP-Cufón support forum? They would be in a much better position to answer your query.

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