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    I’ve suddenly had a problem today with my wp-admin log in page and logout pages. They don’t display. All I did was put a standard post up so it is very curious. The page is

    I’m trying to eliminate the problem, and the first thing I want to do is to check the theme isn’t causing a problem. I’m on WordPress 3.5 and have not updated to the latest version of graphene yet.

    could it be the theme?

    I want to test the wordpress default theme, but I’m a bit concerned because i am currently using a graphene child theme due to a problem with the slider display. If I select the wordpress default theme, test it, then wish to restore my current graphene child theme, how do i do that, as there is only a check box for the standard graphene theme under appearance/themes?

    So basically i have 2 questions:

    1 could my log in page disappearing be due to the graphene theme? and

    2 if i switch to the default theme for testing, how can I restore back to my current graphene child theme after?

    Thanks very much

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