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    In general I like your theme BUT – if searching and no results are found there is a very unprofessional use of the term “Wanna”. Whilst I appreciate that this might be acceptable to many, for me this is a real show stopper. I will have to find another theme if I cannot solve this.

    I have “changed” all the language files I can find which use “Wanna” but if, when using a keyword search, the word cannot be found I continue to get “Sorry, but no results were found for that keyword. Wanna try an alternative keyword search? “

    This will turn clients away as the search terms we use are technical and mis-spelling can be commonplace (use is in biosciences). Can you issue an update to the theme which gets rid of “Wanna” and all other slang terms and convert to proper English?





    You’ll need to SFTP to the server to get access to loop-not-found.php file … wp-content/themes/graphene/loop-not-found.php



    That’s not really a practical answer for the bulk of your users, who don’t want to either create a subtheme (don’t know how!) or exempt the theme from updates to prevent losing their modifications.

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