use extension [.swf] or flash for header and footer

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    sorry for make a new topic again, i very confused with header and footer, i wanna make them into swf file, i mean…, i wanna make my header use flash file (.swf), and the footer too, but on the top of copyright text and blablablablablabla…

    Not on post area… And make them on center position…



    Please feel free to create a new topic ANYTIME you are asking about a different subject matter (only after doing a search through the forum first, of course).

    Hmmm, completely replacing the header and the footer is going to be somewhat challenging. Instead, you can create an action hook in both places, which will add a new widget area in your admin panel, allowing you to insert the code for the flash player.



    oh ok i will, and what is action hook, and where i can find it?



    Check Ken’s blog page HERE.

    And also check my video tutorial HERE.

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