Urgent: why all my sites with Graphene theme are broken?

  • mdivk


    All my sites are broken, even for those on my local wamp. Here is the list:





    What could possibly happen?

    The correct setting should be a 780px middle column with two 200px side columns

    if I go to admin: Graphene display option, it still shows the correct 3 column setting, it’s just in fact it shows only two columns




    Please help!!! How come this could ever happen?

    Any clue is appreciated.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section, as you were asked to do last time.

    Please do not mark threads “Urgent” or bump after an hour. Posting in the correct section will get you a faster response.

    Help us to help you. Are you using a child theme? What modifications (if any) have you made to core theme files? Have these sites always looked like this, or did this just happen after you installed something (a new plugin, perhaps?).



    There are more than one sites having this problem at the same time! Including the local installation, that’s why I don’t understand.

    But yes, I tried to make a child theme and then I deleted the folder, would that possible be the cause? How the display option stored? stored in database?




    I just installed the theme again hoping to resolve this issue, unfortuntely although the theme got updated (to 1.6.2) and the columns display option set to 3 columns, the site is still not showing correctly.

    You can check the site here:


    Please help!!!!!!!!! For whatever reason, this is unacceptable.



    This is really driving me crazy!!!

    I completely deleted this theme and verified it by FTP into the host, the folder is gone.

    And then I re-install the theme, set it to 3 columns

    Still showing only two columns



    I noticed something and I want to confirm here:

    Although I re-installed the theme, however, some settings from the previous installation didn’t get set to default, for example, the default container width was definitely less than 1000px, I set it to 1240px in the first installation. In my second installation, it didn’t change to default, it is still 1240px, and each column maintains the width I set before.

    So can I say the problem must be sitting somewhere in some file within the file system and not within the theme’s folder (since it was completely deleted and re-installed)?


    Syahir Hakim

    In my second installation, it didn’t change to default, it is still 1240px, and each column maintains the width I set before.

    That’s to be expected, since the options you set was stored in the database and did not get deleted when you delete (and reinstall) the theme. To delete the stored settings in the database, use the “Uninstall theme” feature at the bottom right of the Graphene Options page.

    I also noticed that your site is loading this CSS file:


    which conflicts with the theme’s CSS file. Specifically, it overrides the theme’s container width to 1004px even when the theme sets it to 1240px.



    Sorry it’s just no use: although this time the display option get reset to default, but adjusting it to 3 columns still working.

    Can I PM you the admin password of the site so you can debug it easily? Thank you very much in advance, I need to get this sorted out as early as I can.



    css file from http://www.ratehub.ca/css/main.css?v=5 has no impact to your theme, because it was co-existing with no any problem

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