URGENT: Looking for a tutor/mentor !

  • MrMatt


    My situation as being a webmaster is just being worser, im really getting depressed by this.

    Someone that have some spare time and the patience, could YOU possible be my mentor/tutor?

    Full access to the the website will be granted, I would also appreciate conversation at chatt as the skype-chatt.

    Im novice at this, but the essential knowledge should be there.

    Namely, Im doing a project in school about the materia ‘Graphene’, where the goal is to create ‘graphene’ and label it to the general public.

    One way to market the project is through a website, that is why we are owning a website.

    I can’t handle this on my own, my knowledge isn’t enough. That’s why I need YOUR help!

    Im looking for explanations/hints/tricks/tutoring. Are you still interested?

    Contact me;

    Skype: Alekszdar

    Email: Grafen@grafengruppen.se

    Best Regards,

    A lost soul that is getting depressed by failure,

    Aleksandar @ http://Grafengruppen.se



    SOLVED –> found tutor

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