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    I have recently set up my website/blog using graphene theme – thank you for creating this fab theme!

    However, I cannot get images to upload into the pages or posts. It comes up with the typical strange image cant be displayed icon like a broken jigsaw. Very strange as I have a widget with a photo slider!

    I have tried different image formats and 3 different computers (including PC & Mac). It is bizarre!

    Really dont want to have to scrap the theme and start all over again so please help….site is http://www.2girls2cities2styles.com



    Does the image show when u use the full url in the post in html view like:

    <img src="http://2girls2cities2styles.com/wp-content/uploads/wppa/4.jpg" />

    If so it’s prob a path issue.



    No it shows like this in html view:

    What do I need to do to make it work?!!




    Are you uploading the photo directly from your computer? Are you selecting a photo from your gallery? Or are you using a url to a photo already stored on the server?

    Which of these methods are you using when inserting an image into a post/page?



    I’m uploading images from my computer, which doesn’t work and then also inserting from gallery ( as they end up in gallery).

    I don’t want to upload images from Urls as all the images I have are taken by myself and I dont host them online (and don’t want to!)





    So, you are editing a page or post. You want to insert an image. You click the little icon which pops up the insertion window. You browse to a file on your computer. You click upload, and the image appears in the window.

    Do you click “insert into post” before closing the popup window?



    Yes i do and it just appears with that strange icon whethe it be in a post or when I insert into a page. As I said this has happened on 3 computers across pc and mac and when uploading jpeg or giff.



    what is the EXACT filename if the image you are trying to upload? Does the image appear in the preview window?

    NOTE: Image files should end with .jpg or .gif or .png



    It doesn’t matter what the name is, iv tried multiple files!! Yes they always end .jpg or .gif. I guess I’m just going to have to start over with new theme



    Well, I’d hate to see you do that. I’ve played around with a ton of them… and Graphene is by far the best as far as customization.

    Would you be willing to provide me with a temporary username and pass to your admin so I can experience the issue to troubleshoot it?

    You can email me HERE.

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