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  • Alain RONK



    I would like to upload a image for the author of my site : http://www.modelisme-racer.fr/

    But it does not work !

    The bitmap is limited to 150 px. How is this possible 150 px ? Is this the width / height or weight ?

    Can you help me, please ?

    Best regards


    Alain RONK


    There is no answer for me?

    Prasanna SP


    It is the width of the image. The custom author avatar image width must be less than or equal to 150px.

    Alain RONK


    Thank you Prasanna !

    I did this with an image of less than 150 px width, but it does not work…

    Do have an idea for me ?

    Alain RONK



    The picture for the avatar is here :


    When the picture is loaded, the avatar is not uploaded !

    Can you help me please ?

    Prasanna SP


    The picture resolution is very low (52 X 39px) Try 150px by 150px one.

    Alain RONK


    Thank youy Prasanna, but it’s not ok !

    I have uploaded this picture 150×150 :



    The avatar does not appear !

    It’s amazing, what is the solution according to you?

    Alain RONK


    Am I the only one with this problem ?

    Alain RONK



    I uploaded the plugin User Avatar. The image is ok in user profil with this plugin.

    But, the display is not ok in comment !

    Do you have an idea for this problem, please ?


    Syahir Hakim


    The comment uses gravatar.

    Alain RONK


    Hello Prasanna and thank you for your replie !

    I know the gravatar.com and the display is ok. But, it’s not the question.

    My question is the display of the avatar with Option display / Graphene.

    I have not the display of the avatar when I upload the file for an user.

    Do you understand me ?

    Best regards


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