Upgrading to 1.8 made all headings go into light font

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    I upgraded this morning, and it’s no biggie, but I just noticed that all post title headings

    and also widget headings seem to flash in the right font for a second when the page

    loads, but then settle in a lighter font. I’d like to go back to the slightly heavier (maybe

    ‘Regular’) weight that was default before. Not sure if this is a known issue, I did look

    at the list, but couldn’t see this specific problem.





    The change on the headings font is intentional. You can always set them to bold every time you publish a post or make the change ‘fixed’ by using css code.

    .entry-content h1,
    .entry-content h2,
    .entry-content h3,
    .entry-content h4,
    .entry-content h5,
    .entry-content h6 {
    font-weight: bold;



    Ah, ok, thanks Ron.




    I have the exact same problem. Please can you confirm where I need to put the css code to fix this? It is my widget titles that are not displaying as I want them to. They are bold to start with then once the page loads, the bold disappears and the font goes lighter/scratchier.

    Do I put the CSS code in the stylesheet? Thanks



    put it in Graphene options -> Display -> Custom CSS

    .sidebar h3 {
    font-weight: bold;

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