Upgrading to 1.4.1 leads to loop.php error

  • meryl


    When I upgraded an existing website to 1.4.1, the website header loaded and the loop.php error appeared. I copied over the old loop.php and it worked. However, the header didn’t line up with the black bar on top and below it — it was shorter.

    Yet, it worked fine on a different site. I can’t figure it out because they’re a copy of each other. Anyone see this problem? Doesn’t look like anyone has reported it.


    Kenneth John Odle





    You won’t be able to see it. I had to restore old version of theme because a lot of people are visiting the website now.


    Syahir Hakim


    What files do you have in your child theme (if you’re using one)?



    Just a CSS file. That’s it. As you’ll see in the other post, loop.php is still causing problems.

    I even deactivated the child (to narrow the cause) and same result with 1.4.1 being the active theme.

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